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Do any of these issues sound familiar?

  • Payments costs are rising as tap and go, and online payments growth accelerates.
  • Least-cost routing and the financial benefits are difficult to quantify.
  • Merchant services fee reductions are hard to negotiate.
  • Payments system and communications outages are causing lost sales.
  • Poor reporting and settlement issues are leading to reconciliation headaches.
  • Lack of integration with existing systems is causing process inefficiencies.
  • Customers want acceptance of alternate payment methods.
  • Members want a better merchant services rate but your association lacks the expertise to negotiate a group deal.

As payments industry experts, we can help address each of these issues while lowering payments acceptance costs.

Refer to our Services section to understand how we can help, our Case Studies section to read recent client testimonials and the results achieved, then Contact Us to start the process.

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Interview with Mark Nagy of DataMesh

While lowering payments costs will always be a key criterion in selecting a new payment service provider (PSP), many merchants also consider several other factors in the decision-making process: Payment system redundancy – as non-cash payments share increases rapidly; a payments system outage can have a significant impact on [...]

30 March 2021|0 Comments
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