who we are

About Us

Merchant Pricing Hub is a service fully owned and operated by Payments Consulting Network (ABN: 87 202 769 335), an independent management consulting firm specialising in payments.

Payments Consulting Network has been providing consulting and advisory services to the financial services sector since 2013. More recently, we have started to support small, medium and large businesses, industry associations, and not-for-profit organisations, to optimise payments acceptance costs and improve service levels.

Our industry experience allows us to cut through the complexity to deliver tangible results for our clients. We work closely with clients throughout the process from start to finish.

Our independence is critical, hence we do not receive referral fees from any of the payments service providers involved in the request for proposal processes that we manage or that are members of our Payments Service Provider Panel.

Our fee models are flexible depending upon the nature of the engagement, including time and materials, fixed fee, or share of Year 1 savings.

As a community service, and as part of our Giving Program, we also support a limited number of not-for-profits and smaller businesses each month (on a pro bono basis) with a Pricing Comparison service that provides information on cost effective service provider options to consider.